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Kathy Devoy, Founder

Kathy DeVoy is the founder of the Progressive Packaging Group.  She followed her good sense to close a gap in the market where evolving packaging was needed. She runs her business with a keen eye on the horizon and an aptitude for bringing on inventive and self-reliant individuals. Together with Barry Johnston and Eli Riddle, DeVoy has instrumentally led PPG into ten years of successful growth and recently celebrated 30 years in the Packaging industry.

Kathy started in accounting and packaging management before transitioning into a focus on sales and customer service. It is the same core values she has acquired throughout her career that continue to drive the direction of PPG. Once a student of Arizona Western College and Imperial Valley College, Kathy now resides in Salinas with her husband.

Donna Given, COO

Donna Given has built a career around her adaptability and vision to see every move in life as an opportunity. She resides in Salinas with her husband CJ and is currently the COO for Progressive Packaging Group.

Donna’s background in the software/hardware industry helped hone her skills in communication, effective organization, and managerial operations. After relocating to Salinas from Washington State 12 years ago, she began her career in the Seed Business. She has spent these years moving eagerly up through the industry, taking every trade seriously from processing orders to operating a forklift.

While her list of accomplishments is vast, Donna is currently most proud of her newly nominated status as the 2018 President for California Women in Agriculture – Salinas Chapter. She aims to promote the status of women in Ag and increase awareness of community outreach opportunities, among other initiatives.

The position in life Donna finds herself in today is one made of hard work and inventive drive.


Eli Riddle, President of Progressive Packaging Group, grew up in an agricultural family in El Centro, California. With a love of the outdoors and a reverence for a hard day’s work, Eli sought out a career that would keep him in the same field. He went on to graduate with a degree in Ornamental Horticulture from Butte College, and then later returned to school, graduating from Chico State University in 2002.

The early years of Eli’s career were spent working in the greenhouse industry. He then later relocated to Salinas where he started in Agricultural Packaging. It was in 2008 that he helped found PPG with Barry and Kathy, becoming the President in 2016.

Eli currently resides in Salinas with his wife and children, and has been known to spend his free time landscaping.

Donna Austin, Purchasing Agent

Donna Austin knows the importance of keeping a well-oiled machine, and that doing every job well means the entire operation simply runs smoother. With experience in purchasing since 2004, she juggles a myriad of tasks from product research to creating and negotiating vendor bids. She manages every task with great focus and a vision of the whole. Her 14 years of experience in customer service and her energetic attitude shine on a daily basis as Donna navigates the interactions that lead to our company’s growth.


Glenn Davis, Salesman


Glenn Davis is a people person who prides himself on the sustainable and lifelong relationships he has been known to cultivate. It is this very aspect of Glenn that makes him an essential sales rep at PPG.

After moving to Santa Maria from New Zealand twenty years ago, Glenn has gone on to raise two children and establish himself in the packaging industry.

Glenn loves meeting new customers and creating a genuine rapport. He is actively involved in the agricultural community and is a regular staple at events like the Santa Barbara County Fair and the Elks annual Santa Maria Rodeo.

He currently resides in Santa Maria with his family.

Regan Rothfleisch, Saleswoman


Regan Rothfleisch knows the value of details, and has built a career in agricultural packaging by staying on the pulse of the Industry and evolving within it. Within Regan’s multitude of skills, it is her initiative and follow through that gives her a leg up on a daily basis. 

Regan studied Business Management at Imperial Valley College where she honed her attention to detail and ability to multi-task and organize on a dimensional level. She worked for seven years, managing multiple accounts and careers for Farmers Outlet, and then in 2014 Regan came to PPG as a core part of the sales team, where she manages the varied stages of our accounts and keeps everything glued together.

She currently resides in Holtville, and takes a great interest in community service and spending time with her son.